Appraisal News


I will be offering free appraisal related speaking to real estate agents, loan officers, attorneys, and the public. If you have a group of professionals who would be interested in free appraisal speaking, then please contact me, and we can arrange a meeting.  Why? The reason for my interest in offering free appraisal speaking is to educate the public on the new rules and regulations that govern appraisers, discuss the myths about appraising, and to change the perception that all appraisers are closet dwelling hermits who don't like to be social. Most importantly, to educate the public on appraisal related topics and to improve the relationship between real estate agents and appraisers. 

Agents! Lets get together and talk...its been a while! The market has been going nuts!! Let's talk about what you're seeing in the market. I'll explain why. Call me, email me, I'm free professional advice. I like to talk about real estate markets with other professionals anytime. Not to mention, how exciting is it to be a part of history, and the new era of high risk lending?! What are you doing to prepare yourself for the change?

Let's talk about the consumer again, and who's being protected? Where's the risk assessment? Property Inspection Waiver? Really? Appraiser's/real estate agents may need to begin thinking about offering a product that helps the buyer make a better informed decision when it involves real estate purchases, at a reasonable cost. Because lenders don't seem to care anymore. As the market changes, let the professionals stay ahead of the game, and help people make sound investments, and purchasing decisions. I'm working on a product with limited liability, USPAP compliant, and affordable. Ask me what it is.


Also, we have expanded our services to consumer based clients, (ie: Lawyers, Accountants) and built an appraisal firm, with superior service, and turn around time.  I've partnered with Mike Frangidakis, of Certified Appraisal Services to assist on dissolution appraisals, and expert testimony. He's the best in Santa Clara County, with a proven track record. His expertise can provide a win in court! Just ask around and see.


Thank you agents at David Lyng in Capitola in early May 2014.  It was a huge success! Thank you David Lyng and Jenny Putney for giving me the opportunity to speak to your agents. Great questions! We learned a lot. Interview the appraiser, and make sure he is competent and qualified to be within the subject's specific market area.

Thank you agents at Coldwell Banker - Prunedale - 17571 Vierra Canyon Rd, Salinas in mid June. Especially, thank you Frank Maynard for the opportunity to speak to the agents. All agents can call me anytime. I'd be happy to explain more about what constitutes a true market comparable. Interview the appraiser, your market area is very complex, and an expert should know what is considered unique to that area.

Thank you agents of Campos Real Estate (Now Berkshire  Hathaway)- 617 E Lake Ave, Watsonville in end of June. Especially, thank you Becky Campos for the opportunity to speak to the.agents. Great questions! Great points about AMC's control of the process on how an appraisal is assigned, through random distribution of orders. You're right! The mortgage mechanics are wrong. The distribution of orders, "Should not be based on a randomly assigned ordering system which sacrifices geographical competence for the lowest appraisal service price. The AMC should disclose the difference between appraisal service and administrative fee. We need more Appraisal Firms! Call me anytime, we can discuss more about what is considered a comp. Remember, offering a group of sales, not comps, that you think best represent the subject property within the market area is not a violation of ethics or appraiser/agent guidelines. Not all appraisers will accept a packet of sales, but its not a violation of ethics to offer sales. Never mention value and you're fine.